Make a difference in your community.

In the Lehigh Valley,10.7% of residents are food insecure (pre-COVID 7.8%). The percentage of children who are food insecure is 15% (pre-COVID was 13%)

The good news is that volunteering helps many find a sense of purpose, working as a part of a team in a worthy cause.

You can make a difference in the struggle against hunger in different ways. As a volunteer, you can donate your time and effort in a way that resonates most with you. Gardeners can grow food at home or as a group, like the Green Thumbs Garden Project.

At AWRC, we supply volunteers for Parkland CARES and Kingdom Life Family Center. Many worthy groups are doing this great work. We mention our partners as we have a history of working together. That's a feature of this sort of work. You meet great people like you who want to help. Working with a group as a volunteer is not all sacrifice; indeed, it can be an uplifting experience.

You can volunteer to help distribute food at a local food Pantry. 

Resources for Volunteers

The Volunteer Center has been serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities for over 35 years as a capacity builder, resource provider and connector for the nonprofit and business communities as well as individuals who want to give back. The core focus is on nonprofit capacity building and includes volunteer coordinating for individuals, teams and businesses. They provide extensive training programs that include board service, volunteer engagement professional training and nonprofit skill building.


Fight Lehigh Valley Hunger is a website created by the Allentown West Rotary Club. We work with a network of dedicated volunteers from various organizations such as food pantries, Meals on Wheels as well as other Rotary International programs in the Lehigh Valley focused on fighting hunger. 


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