Be a True Community Gardener

Gardeners know the satisfaction of nurturing a seed into a full-grown plant. It's a process of planting the seed and keeping the young plant safe to mature and thrive.

It can be a metaphor for us as well. Some seeds fall onto rich soil, are richly nourished, and get a good start at life. Other seeds fall on rocky ground and have a more challenging time getting started. Sometimes, a storm can come even amid deep summer and uproot some well-rooted plants. What if we could imagine we are gardeners who wish to care for and nourish our neighbors, our community, the same way we would carefully guard and nourish our plants. Imagine the added satisfaction you might have knowing you were growing something for someone you don't even know. Now, you are growing something even sweeter and more satisfying for yourself.

It's easy to do.

You can join with others at a community garden like the Green Thumbs Garden Project. We surely welcome volunteers.

The Green Thumbs Garden Project was created in 2021 initially to help provide produce to Parkland CARES Food Pantry. Since then, many volunteers have joined in the effort and food has gone from the garden to many area food pantries. More than a ton of healthy, nutritious food was grown and donated to area pantries. A real feature of working in the garden is the good fellowship that occurs, working side-by-side with like-minded people.

Or, if you have your own garden, you can devote a portion of it for those in need. There are some great ideas on how to do this including Plant a Row for the Hungry. Launched in 1995, Plant a Row for the Hungry is a public service program of GardenComm, formerly the Garden Writers Association (GWA). Garden writers are asked to encourage their readers/listeners to plant an extra row of produce each year and donate their surplus to local food banks, soup kitchens and service organizations to help feed America’s hungry. This is a simple and effective way to join the fight against hunger. You can even register your garden with PAR so progress can be tracked.

There are over 84 million households with a yard or garden in the U.S. If every gardener plants one extra row of vegetables and donates their surplus to local food agencies and soup kitchens, a significant impact is made on reducing hunger.

Since 1995, over 20 million pounds of produce providing over 80 million meals have been donated by American gardeners. All this has been achieved without government subsidy or bureaucratic red tape—just people helping people.

Where to take your produce?

Thanks to Lehigh Valley Alive for creating a handy resource that will show you a list and map out the location on Google so you can quickly determine the site and your drive time. Check it out.


Fight Lehigh Valley Hunger is a website created by the Allentown West Rotary Club. We work with a network of dedicated volunteers from various organizations such as food pantries, Meals on Wheels as well as other Rotary International programs in the Lehigh Valley focused on fighting hunger. 


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